Vintage Bathrooms from 1950sThe 1950s in the United States was a time of post-war prosperity and rapid social and technological advancements.

It was an era that left a significant impact on home design, with bathrooms becoming a focal point for innovation and style. Let’s take a closer look at the design principles through these vintage bathroom photos.

Color played a pivotal role in shaping the ambiance of 1950s bathrooms, reflecting the overall mood of the time. Soft pastel hues dominated the color palettes, mirroring the optimism and exuberance that permeated society.

Delicate shades such as petal pinks, mint greens, baby blues, and buttery yellows adorned walls, tiles, and fixtures, creating a soothing and airy atmosphere.

These colors not only added elegance but also contributed to a sense of cleanliness and freshness, a desirable trait in a bathroom space.

Vintage Bathrooms from 1950s

Moreover, 1950s bathrooms boasted a range of innovative features designed to enhance functionality and convenience. One notable addition was the built-in medicine cabinet with mirrored doors.

These cabinets served a dual purpose: providing ample storage space for toiletries while also serving as a practical solution for personal grooming. The inclusion of mirrors added depth and reflected light, making the bathroom appear more spacious.

The introduction of the one-piece fiberglass bathtub-shower combination was a groundbreaking development in bathroom design during the 1950s.

This innovative fixture revolutionized the bathing experience, offering a space-saving solution that seamlessly integrated both bathing and showering functions.

Fiberglass, a lightweight and durable material, allowed for sleek, smooth designs that were easy to clean and maintain. This new fixture quickly gained popularity, transforming the way Americans approached their daily hygiene rituals.

Vintage Bathrooms from 1950sTo further elevate the comfort and luxury of 1950s bathrooms, built-in seating areas and dressing tables became sought-after additions.

These features provided a dedicated space for relaxation, allowing individuals to sit comfortably while applying makeup or getting ready for the day.

The integration of dressing tables into bathroom design emphasized the importance of personal grooming and added a touch of sophistication to the overall aesthetic.

In terms of size and layout, bathrooms in the 1950s catered to both practicality and individual style. In smaller bathrooms, space-saving fixtures were introduced to maximize functionality.

Vintage Bathrooms from 1950s

Pedestal sinks became a popular choice, offering a visually uncluttered look while saving valuable floor space.

Wall-mounted toilets also gained favor, contributing to the streamlined appearance and making cleaning more convenient.

In contrast, larger bathrooms in the 1950s allowed for more flexibility in layout configurations. Some bathrooms featured separate vanities with multiple sinks, providing couples with personalized spaces and promoting harmonious coexistence.

Luxurious freestanding bathtubs became the centerpiece of grander bathrooms, evoking a sense of opulence and relaxation.

These freestanding tubs often featured elegant clawfoot designs, harkening back to a bygone era of glamour and indulgence.

1951 American Standard Bathroom

Vintage Bathrooms from 1950sThis ad for pink fixtures is just one of the many that proliferated during the 1950s.

The combination of pink, yellow, and various shades of turquoise that ranged from dark green to bright blue, was one that seemed to resonate strongly with midcentury homeowners.

1952 Formica Bathroom

Vintage Bathrooms from 1950sWe found this advertisement in American Home magazine. Chartreuse, light gray, yellow, and turquoise combine in a bright, eyepopping color scheme guaranteed to wake you up in the morning.

Laminates for counters became a popular finish during the 1950s because they came in a huge array of colors and patterns, but most importantly because they were so easy to clean.

1953 American Standard Bathroom

Vintage Bathrooms from 1950sAmerican Standard has been a mainstay of bathroom plumbing fixtures since 1899.

This bathroom features the corner tub, sink, and toilet in pink with turquoise green walls, plaid bath curtains, and spatter-patterned linoleum floor.

1953 Eljer Bathroom

Vintage Bathrooms from 1950sThis ad by Eljer caught our eye because of its attractive layout and typography. The yellow fixtures and coral type and towels pop on the black background.

1953 Kohler Bathroom

Vintage Bathrooms from 1950sMost of us would probably have a cow if we saw little Timmy using the toilet brush to shoot his Indian. This ad by Kohler is part of a series that ran during the early 1950s showcasing cute kids.

1953 Crane Bathroom

Vintage Bathrooms from 1950sThis bathroom, shown in Better Homes & Gardens, was designed to be divided.

When the kids got all growed up, then Mom and Dad would be able to put a wall down the middle, between the two tubs, effectively creating a master bath and a family bathroom accessible from the hallway.

The brown, blue, and grey scheme is a departure from the most popular color schemes.

1953 Crane Bath Contest Winner

Vintage Bathrooms from 1950sHere’s a rendering of a bathroom by a post-grad student at MIT that won a Crane competition. We like the clean lines and simple layout in a small footprint.

The mirrors and windows make it very bright and the black, white, and orange scheme is unusual. We think the design is timeless and could easily be reproduced today.

1953 Kohler Bathroom

Vintage Bathrooms from 1950sYellow, green, and orange gets a midcentury treatment in this ad for Kohler fixtures.

We like the series so have probably gone a little over board with several showing the same fixtures.

1953 Kohler Bathroom

Vintage Bathrooms from 1950sWe aren’t sure about the sanitary aspect of the parakeet loose in the bathroom, but enjoy the charm of this Kohler ad nevertheless. This bathroom is shown in Caribbean brights including sky blue, mango, and coral pink.

1954 American Standard Bathroom

Vintage Bathrooms from 1950sGray and pink were another favorite color combination during the 1950s.

This one is unusual for the black tile walls. Very daring!

1955 American Standard Bathroom

Vintage Bathrooms from 1950sThe dark forest green floor and tile contrasts with white tile and ocean blue fixtures.

To punctuate the scheme, chartreuse towels and carpet liven things up. It’s a very cool room.

1956 American Standard Bathroom

Vintage Bathrooms from 1950sThis bathroom has the pink and aqua seen everywhere during the 1950s, but it’s minimized by the white walls and tile.

The graphic black and white striped shower curtain and upholstered stool are nicely complemented by the pink towels and bright red rug.

1956 Briggs Beautyware Bathroom

Vintage Bathrooms from 1950sThough the fixtures are standard issue, the color scheme is not.

The color scheme was supplied by “nationally known color engineer” Howard Ketcham. This bathroom is ALL about the color.

1956 American Standard Bathroom

Vintage Bathrooms from 1950s

There were many favored color combinations including this blue, butter yellow, and tangerine bath with white tile and blue fixtures. We love the two sinks.

1956 American Standard Bathroom

Vintage Bathrooms from 1950sBy 1956 American Standard had moved on to a new series. These usually have a parent and child in the bathroom together.

Here in this marvelous gray and pink scheme, Mom primps for a party while Susie takes her bath in the wonderful corner tub.

1957 American Standard Double Lav

Vintage Bathrooms from 1950sThis bathroom has a great, bright color scheme in an unexpected palette of orange, white, pink, and lavender gray.

For good measure, the shower curtain has a gold starburst pattern. Gold bands on the towels provide extra repetition of detail.

1957 Briggs Bathroom with Mosaic Tile

Vintage Bathrooms from 1950sThis Briggs bathroom is notable for its extensive use of small, square mosaic tile.

The color scheme of tan, green, and a few bright pops of orange tile combine with the natural woodwork for a bathroom that would have done any ranch-style home proud.

1957 Asian-Style Eljer Bathroom

Vintage Bathrooms from 1950sThere’s a lot going one in this Eljer bathroom but the effect is soothing and elegant.

Red-orange laminate counters and towels, gold shower curtain and contrasting walls, almond fixtures contrast with subtle patterns in the wallpaper and flooring.

The green scrim divider cools it all by a few degrees. Very interesting and elegant.

1957 Kohler Bathroom

Vintage Bathrooms from 1950sAs we go through midcentury advertising and articles looking for examples, we are often struck by the beauty of the advertising itself.

This new series of Kohler illustrations feature the fixtures of course, but also a new style in their advertising.

This particular ad reminds us of some of the great early 20th century illustrators like Coles Phillips and his Fadeaway Girls. The white, dusty amethyst, and sea blue scheme is beautiful.

1957 Sears Bathroom

Vintage Bathrooms from 1950sThis is a standard pink and green color scheme offered by Sears Roebuck.

Until the mid-1950s, ads by Sears are a rarity, but by 1957 they appear regularly in Better Homes & Gardens. This ad was very midcentury and very middle class.

Other Bathroom Designs from the 1950s

Vintage Bathrooms from 1950s

Vintage Bathrooms from 1950s

Vintage Bathrooms from 1950s

Vintage Bathrooms from 1950s

Vintage Bathrooms from 1950s

Vintage Bathrooms from 1950s

Vintage Bathrooms from 1950s

Vintage Bathrooms from 1950s

Vintage Bathrooms from 1950s

Vintage Bathrooms from 1950s

Vintage Bathrooms from 1950s

Vintage Bathrooms from 1950s

Vintage Bathrooms from 1950s

Vintage Bathrooms from 1950s

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