German soldiers react to footage of concentration camps, 1945

Force confrontation: German soldiers react to footage of concentration camps, 1945.
Force confrontation: German soldiers react to footage of concentration camps, 1945.

The image shows the faces of German prisoners of war, captured by Americans, watching a film about a concentration camp. This forced confrontation brought Germans face-to-face with the worst works of the Third Reich. It must be really hard to go through what they did and look back knowing that everything that happened to them, all of their friends who were killed or maimed was in the name of something horrific, something totally repugnant to their own values.

Original caption reads: Deutsche Kriegsgefangene in den Vereinigten Staaten sehen einen Bildbericht aus den deutschen Konzentrationslagern. English: German prisoners of war held in an American camp watch a film about German concentration camps.

This forced process was part of the Allied policy of postwar denazification, meant to purge Germany of the remnants of Nazi rule and rebuild its civil society, infrastructure, and economy. The program included compulsory visits to nearby concentration camps, posters displaying dead bodies of prisoners hung in public places, and forcing German prisoners of war to view films documenting the Nazis’ treatment of “inferior” people.

The footage came from a newsreel shown in the US that was seen by millions and millions of people at the time. Seeing is believing. Often the only thing capable of denting humanity’s monumental ability to bunker down in a state of denial is indisputable, visual evidence. When cruel things take place on a massive and institutionalized scale behind closed doors and out of sight in societies, only jarring confrontation can shatter the delusions. If the ear won’t listen, tell it to the eye.

Another view of this scene that was taken from the back of the theater.
Another view of this scene that was taken from the back of the theater.

German soldiers weren’t necessarily Nazis. The Holocaust is just one side of the Second World War. The other side was the fight for territory and power. Sounds unthinkable today (especially when you are German), but in that respect the Second World War was just the last war in a very long of wars for supremacy in Europe, that went back and forth for centuries.

Strong nationalistic feelings and “war as extension of diplomacy” were quite normal back then. There was no conflict between not following (maybe even opposing) the Nazis and fighting for the “good of your Fatherland”. Some soldiers were Nazis, some just wanted revenge for Versailles, others wanted to sit at the same table as France and Britain. And many followed because they had no other choice.

What did the German people know about the Nazi concentration camps during WWII? Recent German historiography showed that a lot of Germans were definitely aware of mass killings of Jews (Slavs, mentally disabled etc.), but not what specifically happened in the concentration camps. You had lots of soldiers who saw these killings and reports of them did make it back to the home front. Jews were often rounded up and their mass deportations were not a secret and often watched by bystanders. Some of the mass killings were even public. It was common for Germans to listen to foreign radio stations, which mentioned the mass killings of Jews as well. Some people did speak out against that, most famously the resistance movement White Rose, who distributed pamphlets which attacked the killings of hundreds of thousands of Jews. They were identified, captured and sentenced to death.

Denazification was an Allied initiative to rid German and Austrian society, culture, press, economy, judiciary, and politics of any remnants of the National Socialist ideology. It was carried out specifically by removing those involved from positions of influence and by disbanding or rendering impotent the organizations associated with it. The program of denazification was launched after the end of the Second World War and was solidified by the Potsdam Agreement.
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  • The Holocaust deniers are unfair to the Nazis. The Nazis were PROUD of what they did. No one had to invent their testimony or the documentation. Only a wilfully ignorant racist would argue that this did not happen.

    • Of course the Nazis were proud of what they did! For 2 millennias gentiles tried to kill or get rid of the Jews. The English under Oliver Cromwell, the French anytime all the time, the Spanish with their Inquisition, the Poles with their pogroms and the list goes on and on. The Germans simply took the world’s long standing desire and executed it thinking that finally they will resolve the “Jews Question”. The entire world was happy about it thus nobody reacted opposing the project, not even the Pope. For sure at the end they killed the most Jews through a veritable diabolical machinery.

      • Before you will write next time about “Pogroms” made by Poles You should find answers for couple questions:
        – Why in Poland were befire II WW more Jews than in other states?
        – From what country (little help: first letter is “G”) they came to Polan (in Middleages) running before persecution?
        – Who and when started tu using word “pogrom” about ani-semitic attacks?

        • Bullshit.
          Spain expeeled their jews around 1200,
          England expelled them around 1500,
          France expelled them around 1700 , to Germany.

          Are you arguing the influx of Jews to Poland justifies anti-semitism in Poland?

        • Okinawa was only a preview to what allied forces could expect from an invasion of mainland Japan. In about 82 days of fighting, there were roughly 300,000 people killed or committed suicide.

          Then Joseph Stalin had about 1.5 million troops in Manchuria whom they “liberated” in a quite brutal fashion.

          The Japanese imagined that the US would do to them what the Japanese did to the Chinese in Nanking… Many Japanese opted to commit suicide rather than surrender to such imagined barbarism.

          The decision to use the bomb was not fully known, as it’s effects, and it certainly saved 100’s of thousands of lives by de-moralizing Japan into surrender.

          It prevented a Soviet invasion from Manchuria and becoming another North Korea.

          Another thing to remember is that the US was a late-comer into atomic bomb research Axis Scientist Enrico Fermi had defected to the US (his wife was Jewish) and alerted the US to Axis plans to develop these weapons. Japan was working on the bomb and they would have used it on the US.

          • When you say hundreds of thousands of lives were saved by dropping the bombs you are in fact reciting propaganda. There was ample evidence at the time that would that Japan was already ready to surrender, they knew they stood no chance but keep deluding yourself you’re no different from most of the ignorant American population. Some of us prefer facts to speculation & conjecture but carry on.

        • The U.S. didn’t celebrate having to use a weapon, that many have stated on this forum and elsewhere, that didn’t originate in America. Those bombs saved far more lives than it killed. I’m not sure there were any “winners” from WWII, only survivors. The only event that was truly celebrated in that ware, was it’s end, which we can thank the “bomb” for. The next nuclear weapon that’s used will be from some stone-age, dictator in the middle-east that in a horrific irony celebrates the holocaust.

          It’s amazing to me how hated success is by people who don’t have it. And even more ignorant in modern-day times is how a certain person can be “perceived” as successful, and be hated for it, yet not really have anything (materialistically). Nowhere in history can you find some sort of example of why the Jews are so hated…at least nothing that makes a holocaust logical.

          I can understand (not agree with, nor consent to) a number of historical atrocities. But, the hatred of the Jews is the part of consistent world history that I still can’t wrap my brain around.

          If I could sit down and ask a die-hard Nazi, Muslim, or generic anti-Semite, that’s what I would ask them. “Give me a cut and dry time period in world history that Jewish behavior somehow effects your life in a truly destructive enough manner on a day-to-day basis, that justifies celebration of the, or a continuing, holocaust”

          • I seldom ever take it for granted what is written in the history books is accurate….been proven wrong too many times. I haven’t confirmed this through the library of congress but there are some who claim Japan had made some effort to end the war. I imagine that was probably true because of the amount of resources Japan had expended by the time we used the bomb. I think it was wrong of us to have dropped the second bomb in any case so soon after we had just obliterated an entire city. I honestly believe this was simply a political decision to put the Russians in check and nothing more.

        • That’s a different story with Japan. Russia was begging us for help. Look up the rape of nanking, the yahtzee river, unit 731 and unit 100. After you educate yourself about this, you’ll understand why the bomb was dropped. They wouldn’t leave any other way.

    • Only a shamfull kind of human being can deny and be proud of such atrocities . Even Mogols knew to rule wisely because a ruthless country don’t last for long time . May God protect us from insane who are able today to open a book .

    • The thing that gets me about Holocaust deniers is that they tend to be pro-Nazi. If they love Hitler so much, why do they want to think that he didn’t “get the job done”??
      They’re just insane.

      • Quite right. I makes one wonder why they feel threatened, by a person of a different culture

    • In response to Andrew’s shockingly, astoundingly ignorant claim that ‘the English under Cromwell’ tried to wipe out the Jews: my dear fellow you have it quite backwards. Jews were readmitted to England during by Cromwell for the first time in 350 years after Edward I’s banishment of them in 1290. Also slightly bemused by your accusation against the French “all the time” but the Cromwell attack sorely needed dismantling.

    • @Rachel Greenberg Your comment is as stupid as it is appalling. Ignoring that we did not have a 3rd bomb before the end of the war, we had already destroyed Tokyo with our fire-bombing campaign. The loss of life from the fire-bombing of Tokyo was actually greater than either atomic bomb attack.
      Facts that make Japan’s national rebuilding and quick re-ascension to an economic and cultural super-power that much more inspirational. Something you could appreciate if you weren’t still so blinded by your own ignorant hatred.

    • The muslims were there to watch this happen. They are trying to do it again with the Christians. Makes me sick to know people deny this action. My heart still hurts from the many lives lost, some were my family. Please do not let this happen again. Some were proud of it, some were sick from it. Not everyone is ruthless. Please world wake up.

      • Well said Leona. You’d think that world history up to this point would make us wiser, and more compassionate, than ever. But, the horrific reality is that something awful will have to happen AGAIN for the world to take action.

        I hope this Iran nuke agreement doesn’t come back to haunt the entire world…

    • you know not all Muslims are like that…
      Im JEWISH I live in Israel.. I know Muslims and Arabs and assuming they would all cheer thats just as bad as and as racist as the nazis.
      I wont deny that there are Muslims who will cheer… just be careful with your words.
      An anti semetic can be every person regardless of religion .

    • I’m muslım and I would never ever cheer or get happy because of what I saw . No one deserves to be killed because of their race or religion I don’t know how many Muslims were killed bc of their religion so far It’s as heartbroken as what happened to Jews like I said no one should be punished bc of what they believe in.

    • That is no true, there were Muslims that SAVED Jewish. Hate brings more hate. The holocaust was terrible I don’t know any survivor that thinks like you, they don’t even agree on what is going on in Palestine. Shame on you to bring hate here, there was no need for your hateful comment. There is good and bad in every belief.

    • Unfortunately, NoGoodOptions, History has the sad habit of repeating itself and will continue to do so until our planet refuses to take anymore abuse and self- destructs or if you are religious, that Jesus returns to stop our insanity before that happens. Personally, I would like a hero on the line of a Snake Plissken (Escape from New York/Kurt Russell) to show up to flip that switch and send the planet back to the dark ages to start over. How about one of our electronically inclined countries designing a switch, instead of nuclear weapons? It would save lives of the many innocent ones in our world.
      My other thought is what do the Muslims and Japanese have to do with these German Officers watching the horrors found in the concentration camps? I have to admit that the line of replies have been varied and interesting to read.

  • Omg. You can’t prove that they were all proud of what they did. You need to do some research before you open your mouth. And fyi killing of religious people is not racism. For Jewish people it is called anti semetic

      • They were classified in many different ways. It was a way of dehumanizing them. So that people would turn on them. Still not racism. Read more than one article and don’t use Wikipedia.

        • Ms Greenberg’s statement that Jews are all “white”, suggests that she hasn’t met or know any Mizrahi, Yemenite, Sephardic, Indian or Falasha, Jews.

          By the way Aryan Pakistanis, Afghani, Irani and others are Caucasian but unfortunately, Ms Greenberg, them and the Jewish communities I’ve mentioned are brown.

          Sorry Ms Greenberg all Jews are not blonde haired, blue eyed Goths. Incipient racism is ugly no matter where, why and how it came about. Please Ms. Greenberg appreciate and celebrate diversity within Jewish communities, not all of them are Ashkenazi.

      • Jewish people are mostly integrated today into society. Back in 1940 or so most Jews were orthodox or very strict with clothing, food etc. Goys or Christians…whoever NOT them were profane…gentiles were disgusting. Read the Talmudic literature…racism dead out. Many loaned money… sharking…taking farms..etc. most countries kicked the Jews out for this. Many Jews say there is a reason for being expelled from so many places.

    • no thats pretty true.. being Jewish wasent a religion but a race, a sub-race… the Nazis considered thet being a Jew was genetic , because we resent that its called anti semetic.

    • What the Nazis did during the Holocaust is that they defined Judaism as a race with the Nuremberg Laws. You were considered a Jew if your grandparents were Jewish. To the Nazi’s, the Final Solution was the elimination of a race. That is what some of the experimentation was for at the camps, the Nazi’s were trying to find physical or genetic differences between the Jews and Aryans, the master race.

  • The Nazis were only guilty of losing the war…the Brits and Americans did not dominate the world for a time by being nice to other. They perpetrated unspeakable cruelties on people all over the world.

    • Wow…how is one raised, and go through life with that kind of perspective in modern history is in-and-of itself documentable.

      These people get on these forums and somehow try and justify what took place in these camps by saying the wood from the barracks was birch, not oak, therefore no Jews were killed, the holocaust never happened, and Auschwitz was a lovely place.

      ….absolutely incredible.

  • the holocaust is what happens when the garbage of society get 100 percent power the havenots take from the people who have look back before wwi and the state of germany to see what the holocaust was really about not racism or religion it was pure hatred for people who where better off than germans

      • Who gives a shit about punctuation? This conversation is way more important than worrying about punctuation. He is right un a way, the Germans did have anger about the Jewish population that was doing well. Lots of Jews had very successful businesses. Hitler also felt they didn’t feel they was a acceptable race of people, so in a way it could be considered racism. You are a very ignorant person.

        • Lennon in Russia was a Yiddish speaking Jew. Most of the USSR founders were, in fact…Jews. The ASHKENAZI Jews were in good proportion…socialists…communist…Hitler did not trust the entire group…just like he did not trust freemasons or the clergy…uniformity and unity…you must understand history. Yes, as a group, jews were racially hated by many…why? Who hates the sisters of charity? You know. And some people love destruction and idiots follow and…who had power?

        • I think that Curtis mentioned punctuation in the hopes that maybe some of you might review what you have written before hitting enter. Lack of punctuation, lapses in grammar, missing words…these things work together to cause difficulty in understanding exactly what the author is trying to express. It’s kind of frustrating to attempt to understand writing that doesn’t even make sense, because the good ideas are lost in the bad writing.

      • Well perhaps grow up and see and read a little bit more. Regards Joanne. I just wonder about your age and your education

    • Totally agree. The germans had the biggest chips on their shoulders. The jews of Germany were the most intergrated in any society or country. they were very talented through education, family and resource. By goodness the germans killed a heck of a lot of writers, poets, painters ,,bankers and good alround educated people. I guess they felt that made them look better. By the way your punctuation is just fine

      • The French, ironically a Germanic people, suffered the germans fierce after ww1…Versailles…the treaty…chip on their shoulder…some were starving…history…Hitler practically BEGGED WINSTON CHURCHILL TO SEND THE JEWS OF GERMANY TO PALESTINE …as the UK ran Palestine then…CHURCHILL said…too many problems…NO…Hitler did not trust Marxists…as si many german jews were…yes the jews were hated…many people are.

      • Point 1. Why the Nazi backlash was against Jews is more injustice than jealousy. Post WW1, Germany’s hyper-inflation due to the unfairness of Versailles meant everyone, especially the old, lost their savings and could not work fast enough to feed themselves. Jews, never having invested only in Germany, had their money abroad and profited until 1/3 of the economy was in the hands of people that were basically acting like foreigners. The Germans were working for nothing to pay reparations via the French to the Jews who deserved it in the capacity of traitors. Look to the causes of WW1 to find the causes of WW2 and you will find we all have (jewish) blood on our hands. Point 2 is that, the allies did just as much evil to the Germans as the Germans did to the Jews. Point 3 it was called the ‘Final Solution’ because it was one of a number of solutions – including allowing all 6 million jews to leave the country, which many did. I dare remind you the Nazis originally shipped jews to France – the French very quickly refused to take them. The Dutch practically helped the Nazis as much as they could to get rid of them. Dire conditions were in part because the camps could not cope with the numbers, times were bad for everyone. If you read about some of the camps at the beginning of the war, they even had gardens with rows of tulip lined paths (Ravensbruck?). It all got out of hand. Genocide is evil, but which would you prefer: being burnt alive by the allies in the destruction of 1000 years of irreplaceable history, art and culture or falling asleep under a shower? Do you think, in the next war, we are going to have that luxury? No – we will get much worse.

        • yes but you’re making excuses for Nazis… you’re basically saying that if they had a more vibrant economy and weren’t punished so harshly for starting WWI (stupid Schlieffen plan basically took a localized Balkan war and dragged the French and the British into it… one could speculate that the French would have joined anyway but kind of hard to stay out when Germany sends 4 million troops through Belgium to attack France before doubling back to Russia)

          ps – it was called the Final Solution because after you kill them all, women and children included, you don’t have to worry about the problem anymore. And a mass refugee crisis of Jews is not the same thing as Germany relocating them elsewhere. They didn’t get a free train ticket out of there, they didn’t retain legal rights, and they didn’t get together to scatter fake evidence around Germany. Ironically Jews weren’t all that rich nor powerful at that time and a more plausible source of fabricated evidence against Nazi Germany would have been the Allies themselves.

          And war and conquest are normal parts of politics but usually the citizenry there are able to go back to life as normal after the surrender. Genocide, no matter how quietly, is evil because we realized that if Germany had won, we might have been queued for the death machine as they killed anyone who didn’t fit their arbitrary definition of perfection. No more horrific if they had shot every student who didn’t average a 4.0 or lethal injection to any female who couldn’t sing at a high octave. It doesn’t have to be painful. It was just horrific in that science had created such an efficient killing process, with nothing going to waste. To admire such a contraption is to cease to see your fellow man as an equal. Even criminals who were subjected to this treatment were given sympathy.

    • To the folks talking to Craig..Please remember that not all comment’s here are coming from English speaking folks. That may be the reason that their sentence’s may be broken and jumbled with poor punctuation. If we can’t show compassion for one another in a forum setting then we all are doomed concerning the state of our world.
      I have done a lot of studying concerning WW11 and the Holocaust. I eventually came upon an article (not wiki) where It stated that a Dr. Eduard (Edward) Bloch (who was Jewish) was Adolf Hitler’s personal family Doctor. In 1907 Dr. Bloch diagnosed Hitler’s Mother (Klara) with breast cancer, but it had already spread to other areas in her body. Hitler begged him to try any new medicines in the hopes of saving her. So she went through a very painful regiment of putting dressings inside her breast cavity. These dressings had been drenched with a very new drug. The dosages of iodoform were very potent, but it was too late and she eventually died (age 46.) This is very important because Hitler was only 18 years old at the time, who very much loved and had a close relationship with his Mother. He supposedly grieved for her the rest of his life. He was also very fond of Dr. Bloch. He admired him so much that later he helped him escape the persecution of the Jews by giving him safe passage out of the country. I am in no way a psychiatrist, but the death of his beloved Mother may have been a part of the catalyst that ended in the persecution and subsequent deaths of not just one Jew, but generations of many Jewish families. Misplaced anger issues is hard for an adult to manage, much less a young man. I am curious as to whether anyone else read this article or anything similar?

  • It makes me sick and angry that these atrocities could have been so. We must never forget this happened. When good men do nothing evil abounds.

  • i visited auzswich birkeneau just recently as my grandmother died there. it was a shock to me at the size of the camp and how many they had.

    • What a heck of a journey. Well done, and I am sure your grandmother knows you visited. Yes it was huge. It had to be. The Germans had to get their moneys worth out of everyone

  • American soldiers need to spend a month in a US prison…. just a month… like 2 million Americans do every day… see if they ever fight for this hated country ever again after that… after being behind the razor wire and guard towers….

    • First off, in U.S. Prisons, you usually land yourself there. Besides there are prisons outside the U.S. that are far worse.

  • sorry i am not agree with you i am a muslim and any time if i saw any flim i feel sorry for them and i become cry even we know what nazis do with them they are doing with muslim but worng is worng i will naver suport them who are killing the any human……

      • the Koran speaks more badly of Jews than Mein Kampf. It brings the term incitement to hatred to new levels. Read it, it will make your eyes water. Also, Mohammed organised the beheading of at least 900 Jewish men and children in one day – did the Nazis even beat that? At least the Nazis did not put the women and girls into sexual slavery. Read about his jewish wife, Safiyah. Open your eyes.

  • Mr jack foobar, I certainly don’t agree with u! I am a Muslim n I feel extremely sorry for what happened with the Jews in holocaust. U should consider your words before leaving a comment on a social site.
    What Hitler did to Jews was beyond terrible, but plz do not forget what just recently happened with the Muslims in Palestine, n none other did that but Israel itself! The pain the citizens of Gaza suffered n r still suffering is excruciating. So in that case, being a Muslim n having sympathy for my Muslim brotherhood, I should b feeling happy by knowing how the Jews suffered bitterly, right? But I DO NOT feel any such thing, instead I was wiping my eyes as I read a survivor’s story. I loathe what Nazis did n I wish I could somehow end their sufferings at that time, EVEN THOUGH THEY WERE JEWS! Bcz though we, being Muslims, hate israel government n its policy-makers, we do not hate jews or Christians. I have so many good frndz of mine who r Christians.
    We r human man! If we have different faith doesn’t mean we should blame the other faith for being cruel n our enemy! God is one, and He tells us to spread the message of peace n love. So grow up and stop accusing religions! Measure your words and talk fairly.

  • You serious? The Mongols killed every last woman and child in several cities they conquered. They committed tons of atrocities in other cities, enslaved hundreds of thousands of people. Terrible post.

  • We should never forget what Germans did, their cruelty. American soldiers could not believe what they saw. Americans have never treated anyone in a cruel way. American people are decent, gentle and kind.

    • Wtf are you dumb. Slavery to start. And just like the canadians the Americans put Japanese people in camps. And you have been at war with the world since basic your independence.

  • There were 227,000 jews from Germany killed in the holocaust. Not that large of a population given the fact that Poland had 3,000,000. The jews of Germany however were very much apart of the society and integrated. Many felt they were German citizens before they were Jewish. Keep in mind that technically jews are not white. Being both a religious and ethnic entity, most Jews will identify as Semitic or originally a descendant from the Levant or Sinai Peninsula. Which is why there are stereotypes on Jewish appearances, many jews do in fact share common genetic patterns and expression. As to the reason to invade Poland, everyone should look at a map. Prior to the interwar period, Poland was a combination of Germany and Russia. It didn’t exist yet. Making Poland also a territorial must-have for the Germans in order to combat the eventual soviet threat. Muslims would also have been persecuted in Germany as were any minority including the disabled and mentally ill. Also Slavery is entirely an unfair comparison to both groups. Remember much of this war was circumstantial. Germany was in terrible shape following world war I and using jews as scapegoats was a common practice.

  • Death camps were placed in Poland so that Poles could be murdered after the Jewish population was exterminated. The plan was to resettle Poland with German children specially bred to replace Poles.

    We are facing a similar resettlement in Europe and America in which the white population of all countries will be replaced by more compliant non-Europeans.

  • Sad, pathetic, that racism can do these things and those people will always defend it. However, sad but true too, racism can breed when things aren’t handled properly. As much for the sake of Europe and refugees everywhere, that crisis, coming from persecuted people/pogroms via this new refugee problem, needs proper resolving. How? By being harsh, no more refugees. THEY are using the very charter that was set up to make sure this thing never again happened – a crux, here, perhaps?

    • Racism is natural,its a natural feeling to keep people of different race sperate,this limits fighting between different people.Its the same as different cultures you can argue till your black in the face right and wrong but fact is fact people do feel this way and ignoring it will not make it go away.The world and nature is a crual thing work wit it to limit damage is th only way.Killing animals for food is equally as bad and many will attack it yet it will always happen because this is the way of the world,the way of naure.Lions and zebra will nevr hold hands and get along lions eating zebra is wrong but nature made it so thats just the way it is ,cant make a lion a vegan nand cant tell people to change their nature because thats just what life is,we can either accept that work with it and limit the damage or bury our heads in the sand pretend it isnt so throw th lions in with the zebras and watch them tear each other apart

    • Japanese isn’t a white atrocity,therefor it isnt to be remembered by history because they want to promote only white people commit atrocities, only whites ,arab, black chinese japanese are all good people and do no harm what so ever,ask why they promote such a thing because it is white people going in those camps next

    • I am still waiting for someone to make a rational response about the post and story above. There has to be someone out there that is amazed or not amazed with the German soldiers hiding their faces instead of watching Hitlers handiwork.
      To answer your question Douglas..I don’t understand the reason why the Japanese were interred into camps, but considering the attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii they were probably safer in the camps then their own homes. We had and still have too many eager vigilantes out there to take matters into their own hands.

  • It’s the top right part of of the picture that chills my spine. It’s the guy in the right corner of the picture who is resting his chin on an obvious victory sign. It may be by chance but he may also be hiding that piece of shit all Germans automatically acquired for what they tried to do to the world!

    • First and fore most, I am proud that my family has a Jewish background. My mother is a first generation American, her father immigrated to the U.S. in 1935 from the Netherlands, she was born in 1938, in New Jersey. My grandfather left Europe with all he had when he realized that Europe was going to have a lot of issues when Hitler and the National Socialists came to power. My grandfather was an educated man who spoke 7 languages, and although Jewish by race, was not very religious. He knew this would not matter, because when people hate you, they really don’t need a good reason. Out of 8 brothers and sisters, my grandfather was the only survivor of his family. Although I don’t think he ever “hated” the Nazis for what they did, he was very remorseful that he could not convince more of his family to leave while they had the chance to. I cannot imagine the burden my grandfather carried, the self-imposed guilt of being a survivor, when so many of the people you knew did not. He passed away in 1982, and I loved him dearly.
      As far as whether or not the Nazis killed Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals, political prisoners, and the so called “mentally inferior”… Well, they did, and it’s a proven part of history. The Nuremburg trails pretty much proved that the Wehrmacht was “completely” aware of the war “atrocities”. I personally believe many German civilians “did” know, but turned a “blind eye” to it.
      What I’ve found interesting is the “justification” that many of these German soldiers have given over the years for their crimes. You can near about “justify” anything, but that does not make your cause “righteous”. How can anyone justify the Rape of Nanking, the Khmer Rogue, the Mỹ Lai Massacre, or any terrorist bombing? You can’t, because at the end of the day they are ALL crimes AGAINST humanity.

  • There is one race in the world…human race. Its we human devide our selves in the name of religion, sect, nation. Even this is OK, if it helps for collective good of humanity. Unfortunately end up destroying each other in the excuse of protecting our race, sect or religion.

    This holocaust never ends…Unfortunately.

    • Wrong wrong wrong,there is one human species but there is many different races within the human species ,that is an obsurd comment to make please go and read about some human genomic subjects,Black, white and Asian all ha distinct genetic differences and brancned of from a common ancestor so we do have distict races within the human race so your there is no race only the human race is just false or a lie

  • Indoctrination of children in religion, political ideology, nationalism or any other form of what is effectively a control mechanism is the greatest crime against humanity because there is no freedom of choice.

    Most international business is a legalised form exploitation backed as often as not by the armed forces of the nations doing the exploiting.

    • you either do not have children or all of them have been killed or murdered. Why, because under your ideology we would not exert any control over our children. They would starve, raped,murdered,run over by cars, poisoned. Hitler himself is an example of lack of “parenting”.Your statement is so ignorant it hurts.
      You are absolute vapid jackass.

  • You are so right, George. We would never have war if it were up to individual human beings. It is only governments and politicians listening to business interests that make war, using patriotism as an excuse to send the powerless off to commit mass murder and/or die. We call it “civilization.” The only way to stop war is for each individual to refuse to participate; those are the real heroes.

  • What is more worse is that the jews did not learn anything, they too have become little hittlers in the middle east.

    • ye well the whole world has condemned their (Israeli) neo-nazi genocide vs. Palestina but one country, the bully.. Unioned central northern American states.
      once a fascist , always a fascist…Germany, Israel, US, same crap. more belong to that dark group though.

  • A film. A movie. Made by Jewish extremists with a camera they stole from the brilliant gentile who invented it. A movie made to fool the very people who killed each other, playing on the good hearts of the gentiles in America and Germany and Europe, and from Africa as well. The people who truly thought they were fighting against tyranny. The Germans for loyalty and the Americans, Europeans and Africans for what they thought was right; when in reality, they all died so the money grubbing snakes behind this abomination could slither their way further into world power through financial gain and military power through the United States. The “Jewish Elite” or whatever they think they are, have fooled people for decades with MEDIA TOOLS. Come on World, I love my American people, (even as unbelievably stupid as we are right now) but please don’t tell me the entire world is falling for their bull….To all Zionist Jews. YOUR TIME IS LIMITED. I KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN DOING AND GOD KNOWS WHAT YOU HAVE DONE. ENJOY IT WHILE IT LASTS.

  • Holocaust did not exist! It’s a Jew’s invention! There is a genocide of the German people after the WWII. Jews killed, tortured and raped as many Germans as they could. Besides in the East European countries Jews were the leaders. They killed and sent to Communist Gulags (concentration camps) millions of people. US history books don’t even mention this. They say the Communists, the Russians did it. Well, 90% of the Soviet Union’s leaders were Jews. Media in US keeps talking about Holocaust over and over again. Libraries in US are full of books about the holocaust and almost no book about what Jews did to Germans after the WWII. Americans live under the Jews’ domination. Enough with these lies about the Holocaust! It’s time for Israel’s government to pay compensation to German people for the millions of Germans they have tortured, raped and killed after 1945!

    • What a nonsense you are writing. Red army Soviet troops are known to be involved in some rape of the German women during liberation of Germany in 1945. Why you talking about Jews ? And it is complete nonsense to make State of Israel responsible for raping Germans by soviets in 1945. Your antisemitism made you mixing altogether all historical facts in the one complete nonsense.

  • I visited Auswich and Auswich Birkenau as recently as mid June of the year 2016, I had seems many of the other camps during my four years in Germany in the early fifties, naturally we were unable to go to these death camps as they were in the Russian sector. On arrival at Auswich I was very moved by the amount of people of all ages who were there awaiting a tour guides. The walk around the camps was somber and enlightening it showed beyond any doubt just what had happened there during those long and dark years. The camps must be allowed to flourish to show beyond any doubt that it did happen because of one leaders fanatical desire to rid the world of the Jewish nation and others he thought to be unsuitable for his idea of creating a perfect race.

  • The men covering their faces were doing so so they wouldn’t be in the picture. NOT because of what they were seeing on a screen. The cameraman after all wasn’t invisible. Most of those faces show men who aren’t the least bit upset at what they’re seeing. This is how BS propaganda gets spread around. Pay attention!

    • My thoughts exactly Jimmy. Did you notice that the men who were covering their faces were all young men in that one section? In the second photograph there is only on man with his hands over his face and you can tell that they are hiding his eyes from what he is seeing because the photographer is behind him, looking over the room. Both are powerful photographs.

  • Jews always the victims even when bulldozing houses provided by EU and torturing children. They control more than they did in 1933. Look what they control now even outside the media and banking. How many Supreme Court Justices are Jewish? Who financed the Gay movement, Black Lives Matter, Feminism. Anything to disrupt our traditions. Say anything and you are a racist. 6 million killed and gone up in smoke. Ludicrous when you look into the whole 6 million idea closely is a huge lie. Like the lampshades and shrunken heads, attested to as true in May 1945. Now known to be a lie. But hey I must be a mad person or a crazy racist.

  • I visited Poland this year, just three months since, and I still cannot comprehend why a nation set up an assembly line killing machine because one madman wanted it so. Of course the German nation knew just what was going on, most cities were aware of the “hate Jews campaign” . It was on their every day programme and was widely publiscised as a sort of “look what we’re doing to rid the world of Jewishness. For my part I just can’t see what the problem is in being a Jew!!!

  • I am impressed by the mixture of America-hating Leftists, anti-Semites and general idiots who commented on this website’s topic. They make up about half of the comments over two years.

  • To the person who wished an atomic bomb had been dropped on Tokyo: it would have been pointless because the city had already been destroyed by incendiary bombs. Possibly more died there then in Hiroshima, and millions were made homeless. Does that satisfy you?

  • You people need to get some facts straight. You think the people of Germany started the world war 2. Correction it was Hitler with a group of people that started the war. You people should read some History books

  • Jews were expelled from England in 1300, from France 1400 from Spain/Portugal 1500 if they would not abandon their faith and take on Christianity. No rationalism here. Oliver Cromwell allowed Jews to come to England from Holland (former Spanish Jews). Medieval times German Jews were invited by the King of Poland to settle in Poland. The medieval German Emperors actually protected German Jews but had limited power in the Free Imperial Cities where they lived.
    The most anti Semitic Austrian ruler was Maria Theresa who expelled them from Prague and Vienna but Hungarian aristocrats welcomed them because they were useful. Her son, Emperor Joseph gave them liberty and equal citizenship years before the United Kingdom. In Russia they remained 2nd class citizens restricted were they were allowed to live until the Bolsheviks took power.
    In the U.S. and apartheid South Africa Jews had had equal right to other whites in Law although they kept apart from the white gentiles.

  • Yes, this was part of the DeNazification programme, but most claims have been quietly abandoned since then (lampshades of human skin, human soap, the death toll etc…). Why do we still perpetuate these acts of propoganda? Is it to justify our own actions back then?

  • Alexis,making comments like you have qualifies you for a place in the nearest mental insitution I lived through the second world war and was a witness to the German atrocities as they unfolded don’t tell me it never happened. It did happen weather you cluttered mind accepts it or not, is up to you,but remember you’ve got to live with it.

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